Graham is a prolific and very highly regarded author, specialising in RAF history from the service’s formation to the present day.  He has had fourteen books published, ranging from squadron histories, accounts of RAF operations, to detailed biographies. The common theme at the core of most of his books is the human dimension – the individual’s service, skill, courage and fortitude he so admires.

The new edition of his book The Royal Air Force, Day By Day, which was commissioned by the Chief of the Air Staff as part of the RAF’s centenary celebrations in 2018, was launched at the RAF Club where Graham was the guest speaker at the Club’s Literary Dinner.

Bucc 2BUCCANEER BOYS 2 (2021)

Following the success of Volume One, this is a follow-up with more true tales from those who flew the last All-British bomber.  Thirty ‘Boys”, drawn from the Fleet Air Arm, the Royal Air Force and the South African Air Force outline their experiences in the maritime role, operations overland, including the first Gulf War, and operations by the South Africans in the Border Wars.  In addition to the aircrew, air engineer officers and ground crew have also contributed.

‘A superbly curated variety of fascinating accounts, some amusing, some harrowing.  It is as vivid as it is remarkable.’ Flypast__

The book is published by Grub Street__

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Book Three covers the lives of ninety-one airmen/women who died between 2008 and the end of 2018.  Each chapter is illustrated with a photograph of the individual.
Those featured include Battle of Britain pilots, those who flew on the Dam Busters raid and other major raids mounted by Bomber Command and those who hunted U-boats in the Battle of the Atlantic.  The gallant ladies of the Air Transport Auxiliary receive their deserved recognition and also the BOAC captain who defied Palestinian terrorists who hi-jacked his VC-10 airliner.
The book commemorates the lives of some exceptional people and reminds the reader of the talent and experience we have lost from the world of aviation.
‘A valuable reference to the historian.’ Britain at War
The book is published by Grub Street
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This book is a departure from the Cold War for Grub Street’s “Boy’s Series”.  Twenty years ago Beaufighter aircrew gave me their stories, which ranged from complete memoirs to brief anecdotes together with many unique photographs.  Te book traces the various roles of the Beaufighter and covers all the theatres of war from NW Europe to the Middle East, the war in Burma and three chapters are devoted to the operations of RAAF squadrons in the Pacific War.

‘The Beau has probably not had the attention its success warrants but Graham Pitchfork’s excellent book goes someway to redressing the balance.’  Sky & Bullets

‘This book is exactly the quality we have grown to expect from this author.  There isn’t much more we could ask for from Beaufighter Boys.’  Britain at War

‘Superbly curated by the author, putting this book down is almost impossible.  Perfectly illustrated it delivers in spades.’  Flightpath Australia

The book is published by Grub Street

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Following the success of the hardback edition (over 8,500 copies sold), Grub Street have re-piublished the book as a paperback.  This is one of four of the publisher’s ‘Boys Series’ to be reprinted and they form part of ‘The Jet Age Series’.

Reviews of the book include;

This wonderful book is entertaining and thoroughly engaging.  The quality speaks for itself and I have no hesitation in recommending it to you’  War History Online

Buccaneer Boys is an excellent read.  For those who served during the 60s to 90s Cold War period, it is a must.  For anyone with an interest in aviation, it is a most enjoyable book,’  Air Mail

The book is published by Grub Street

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Day by Day 100


Royal Air Force Day by Day, first published in 208 to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the formation foe the RAF, has been republished to mark RAF 100, the RAF’s Centenary.  The book has been brought up to date with new entries of events since 2008 and many photographs have been added.  Some of the original illustrations have been replaced with more appropriate images.  It is a diary of significant daily events providing a fascinating record of the RAF’s 100 year history. It describes not only the great air battles and major events, but also the tapestry of activities, traditions and culture that have created the rich heritage of the world’s oldest air force. The RAF’s current Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier KCB, CBE, DFC has written the Foreword.

“Brilliantly compiled…….a considerable achievement by its author.”  Flypast

Publisher: The History Press

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Continuing on the success of the original hard back editions (2003 & 2005) and the first soft back reprint (2007), Bloomsbury Publishing, under the Osprey imprint, have republished both versions as soft backs.

Publisher; Osprey Publishing

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20160403-GRP Books-13


A complete history of the century of service of No. 208 Squadron, RAF.  Beginning life in October 1916 as Naval Eight Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service, the squadron served as a scout squadron on the Western Front before leaving for Egypt in 1920 to begin fifty-one years unbroken in the Middle East.  Equipped with Hurricanes and Spitfires it fought in the Western Desert and Italy.  It remained a fighter reconnaissance squadron with Meteors and Hunters before returning to the UK to convert to the Buccaneer.  It made a crucial contribution to the Gulf War in 1991.  Its modern-day role as an advanced flying training squadron with the Hawk concludes the story. Commissioned by the Naval Eight/208 Squadron Association.

“The amount of information provided in this volume is staggering….. This book will, undoubtedly, be the definitive work on an important, but often neglected, subject.”  Cross and Cockade Journal.   (Full Review HERE)

“This is a superb history of a particularly fine squadron.  Thoroughly recommended”.  Aviation News.

Publisher: Grub Street Publishing

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20150717-GRP Books-12


This book is a third volume that relates the exploits of British airmen who were decorated for gallantry during the Second World War.  Each of the twenty-one chapters is devoted to the experiences of one man.  The accounts encompass most theatres of operations and many aircraft types.  In addition to aircrew, one chapter is devoted to the gallantry of an RAF doctor who cared for fellow prisoners in Japanese camps, one to a sergeant in the RAF Regiment and another to a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm.

“These were ordinary men who rose to overcome extraordinary challenges.  Pitchfork’s examination of their gallantry superbly conveys a spirit and ethos that both inspires and endures in the RAF today.”   Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford

“Pitchfork’s examination of their gallantry conveys superbly a spirit and ethos that both inspires and endures in the RAF today.”  The Times

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Publisher: Pen and Sword 2015

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The Time ABTM

20130826-GRP Books-10BUCCANEER BOYS (2013)

True tales by those who flew the ‘last all-British bomber’.  Twenty-seven aircrew who flew the iconic aircraft with the Fleet Ait Arm, Royal Air Force and South African Air Force relate their experiences and affection for the Blackburn Buccaneer.  Arranged chronologically, the book traces the history of the aircraft and the tasks it fulfilled.  It also provides an insight into the lifestyle of a Buccaneer squadron and the fun and enjoyment of being a ‘Buccaneer Boy’ in addition to being part of a highly professional and dedicated force.

“If you don’t ache with laughter when reading this book, you’re not human.  If you don’t ache with pangs of jealousy, you’re not a pilot.”   Sky & Bullets

“This book takes pride of place on the shelf at home and will be read time and time again.”  Vintage and Classic Aircraft

Publisher: Grub Street Publishing  2013

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20121221-GRP Books-6THE SOWREYS (2012)

A fascinating look into the extraordinary history of the Sowrey family; an RAF dynasty whose service spans the first sixty-five years of the RAF’s existence.  Members fought in both world wars and five of the Sowreys were awarded the Air Force Cross, amongst their other numerous decorations. Their diverse individual careers and experiences worldwide provide great scope for study into history and development of the RAF from World War One to the later stages of the Cold War.

“The author’s extensive and deep knowledge of the Service and its history has resulted in a meticulously researched and highly readable book.”    Air Power Review

Publisher: Grub Street Publishing 2012

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A brief, superbly illustrated, description of the Battle of Britain.  A perfect volume for those who want an introduction and general account of the Battle. It includes a section on Commemorations and Memorials together with a list of recommended reading on the Battle. This book was reprinted in 2015.

Published by:  The History Press

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From its formation during the build-up to the Second World War to its re-equipment with the RAF’s first jet fighters, used in 1944 to intercept German V-1 flying bombs, this richly illustrated book documents the life of No. 616 (South Yorkshire) Squadron – one of the last of the twenty-one Auxiliary Air Force squadrons to be formed and the only Allied squadron to operate jets during the war.

“The squadron’s proud heritage and the gallant deeds of those men who served on ‘South Yorkshire’s Own’ live on through the pages of this detailed and emotive history.”   David Moody Esq, Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire

Publisher:  The History Press

20121221-GRP Books-8THE ROYAL AIR FORCE, DAY BY DAY  (2008)

Royal Air Force Fay by Day is a diary of significant daily events providing a fascinating record of the RAF’s ninety-year history.  It describes not only the great air battles and major events, but also the tapestry of activities, traditions and culture that have created the rich heritage of the world’s oldest Air Force.  Central to all these themes are the experiences of RAF officers, airmen and women, ground trades and aircrew during war and peace. The book is a compelling mixture of the exceptional, the unusual and the routine.  It was published in association with the RAF Museum.

“If you have any interest in the RAF, this superlative book is a must.”   RAFA Air Mail

“A superb reference.”   Flypast Magazine

“A first class book.  Absolutely outstanding.”   Aeroplane Magazine

Publisher:  Sutton Publishing

20080325-GRP Books-1SHOT DOWN AND IN THE DRINK  (2005)

The RAF’s Air Sea Rescue Service saved thousands of aircrews during the Second World War, often in the most challenging conditions.  This wide-ranging, authoritative account draws upon over forty first-hand testimonies and official reports from the National Archives, as well as dramatic, previously unpublished photographs. The book has sold over 6,500 copies in both hard-back and soft-back.

Commissioned by the National Archives.

“An inspiring and authoritative book.”  Royal National Lifeboat Institute

“An excellent piece of writing, which I find spell binding and not easily put down.  Thank you for dealing with our subject so well.  I will keep and cherish it.”   Air Sea Rescue/Marine Craft Association

Publisher:  The National Archives

20121221-GRP Books-9SHOT DOWN AND ON THE RUN  (2003)

This compelling book tells some of the epic stories of RAF and Commonwealth aircrews who returned from behind enemy lines, across all theatres of the Second World War.  Based on special first-hand interviews and official debriefing documents held at the National Archives, many of these accounts have never been published before.  Featured throughout are the roles of local resistance groups and other helpers, and the Military Intelligence body MI 9 that masterminded training, support and organization of escape and evasion. The book has sold over 8,500 copies in both hard back and soft back.

Commissioned by the National Archives.

“Lucidly and excitingly recounted, this book is a fitting memorial to the evaders and their ‘helpers’.”  Book Choice – BBC History Books of the Year

“This is a book of quality. It informs, entertains and uplifts the spirits.”   Royal Air Force Historical Society Journal

Publisher: The National Archives


A follow on volume to the author’s highly successful first edition, which relates the gallant exploits of another twenty airman including a pilot in the Army Air Corps.  The selection offers a different series of operations and theatres of war and is an ideal complement to the first edition.

“This superb book…it makes enthralling reading and the coloured illustrations are a sight to behold.”   Medal News

Publisher: Sutton Publishing

20140214-GRP Books-11THE BUCCANEERS   (2002)

Commissioned by the publisher, this book relates the aircraft’s operational service with the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.  It traces its history embarked in the RN’s aircraft carriers, in the maritime role with the RAF’s Nos. 12 and 208 Squadrons and in the overland strike role in RAF Germany.  Containing many rare and previously unpublished colour photographs, and the authentic narrative views of Buccaneer aircrew ‘from the cockpit’, it is a tribute to a classic British-built bomber.

“For those who had the misfortune to be denied the character-building experience of operating the Buccaneer, this splendid book will tell them exactly what they missed – very highly recommended.”     RAF Historical Society Journal

Publisher: Sutton Publishing

20080403-GRP Books-2MEN BEHIND THE MEDALS  (1998)

This book tells the stories of RAF aircrew who flew on operations during the Second World War and whose service was recognised by the award of gallantry medals.  However, this book is more than just a narrative of the actions and courage of pilots, navigators, engineers and gunners who are the main characters.  Their exploits are recorded against a backdrop of air operations that had such a major influence on the eventual outcome of the war.

“A truly outstanding publication that deserves to be well read by both professionals and laymen alike.”  This England Magazine

“A classic book that encapsulates the heroism of RAF aircrew.”  Editor’s Choice – Flypast magazine

Publisher: Pen and Sword

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