fly2help – A stimulating visit

fly2helpThis morning I visited the marvellous charity fly2help at their new headquarters at Gloucestershire Airport where I met the chief executive, Alison Pavier, and her great team of dedicated young ladies.

In the early days of the charity I had been involved in a modest way but my visit today was the first for a number of years. I was tremendously impressed by the progress made and the expansion of their activities.

So, why was I there today? I recently gave my talk Behind Enemy Lines to the members of the Bristol Men’s Club. At the end of the evening they gave me a very handsome donation for one of my ‘favourite charities’. When I opened the envelope I saw it was for fly2help and I felt I must reconnect with them. I am delighted that I did.

They have a wonderful ‘mission statement’, which I have copied below. It captures their aims but why not visit their web site HERE and learn more about the wonderful work they are doing to promote aviation amongst young people and to provide a stimulating and heart-warming experience for those children and adults with profound disability, who are disadvantaged or bereaved?

Next week they celebrate their 10th Anniversary so please see what you can do to help them promote their great mission.

The Mission

Everything looks better from above the clouds where skies are blue. Leaving our worries on the ground
gives us the freedom to look at the world from a fresh perspective.

fly2help is an aviation charity dedicated to raising the spirits of people, young and old, living in difficult personal situations and inspiring young people as they consider their future lives.  Founded by pilots, our Air Smiles Days and Aim High education programme take everything that is exhilarating about flying and uses it to do something extraordinary.

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