At Sunday’s Air Show at Duxford, publisher Grub Street launched my latest book, Buccaneer Boys 2, a follow up to Buccaneer Boys published in 2013. A warm, sunny day, with the sound of many Rolls Royce Merlins as a backdrop, this was an ideal occasion for the launch. The previous evening in Thetford, over 25 Buccaneer veterans were joined by a large crowd to promote the book in an event at the Guildhall arranged by Jane James of ‘Not Just Books Ltd’.

This second volume follows the same style as its predecessor with 26 chapters written by “The Boys”, which embrace the earliest days in Fleet Air Arm service, RAF operations in UK and Germany, the Gulf War and a breathtaking chapter by a South African Air Force pilot of his experience during an operation in the Bush Wars.

The book is published by Grub Street

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