mosThis detailed article outlines the crucial role played by the Mosquitos of Coastal Command in attacks against shipping in Norwegian waters.  Based at RAF Banff in north-east Scotland, where the station commander was Group Captain the Honourable Max Aitken DSO, DFC, the five Mosquito squadrons of the ‘Banff Wing’ wreaked havoc amongst the enemy shipping carrying crucial raw materials to feed the German war machine.  Using the six-pounder cannon and then the 3-inch rocket projectile (RP), the Mosquitos attacked in wing strength deep into the narrow fjords, the harbours and the Skagerak Sea.  With No. 333 (Norwegian) Squadron flying their Mosquitos as outriders and Mustangs from Peterhead flying as escorts, the Banff Wing achieved great success, including the sinking of U-boats attempting to flee from the Baltic to the Atlantic.

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