Sqn Ldr W Lashbrook - Beine - Apr 43 (Lundy family) copyFormer Halton apprentice, Wally Lashbrook, later trained as a pilot.  He flew 28 bombing operations in Whitleys, earning the DFM, before taking part in the first British Airborne commando raid (Operation Colossus).  Later he was shot down in a Halifax but avoided capture and, with the aid of the Comet Escape Line, evaded capture and returned to Britain to learn that he had been awarded the DFC.  He spent the latter years of the war as a test pilot being awarded the AFC.  After leaving the service he spent many years working for the Army Cadet Force for which he was appointed MBE.  He died aged 104.

Photo shows him ‘on the run’ in France

To read full obituary click HERE


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