Jack LyonA bomber air observer shot down in June 1941, Jack Lyon was one of the last survivors to take part in the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III in March 1944.  He had been a ‘stooge’ monitoring the movements of the German ‘ferrets’ who sought to discover escape plans.  Lyon was given a place for the final escape and was allocated No. 89.  He was waiting and preparing to enter the tunnel entrance in Hut 104 when a shot rang out signalling the escape attempt had been discovered.  With others who were waiting he hastily destroyed any papers, equipment and escape material.  His death occurred a few days before the 75th Anniversary of the breakout, which cost the lives of 50 of the 76 who escaped.

To read the full  obituary click HERE

Also see this LINK which outlines the story through previously published Daily Telegraph obituaries

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