Taylor PPW copy 2Peter Taylor was a Cold War fighter pilot.  Early in his career flying Hunters he was a member of the Blue Diamonds aerobatic team before a tour on No. 8 Squadron based in Aden.  He saw action along the Yemeni border and flew strikes against dissident targets during the final British withdrawal from Aden in November 1967.  After conversion to the Harrier he joined No. IV Squadron in Germany.  He was forced to eject after a bird strike and was astonished when the Harrier flew away and climbed to 20,000 feet before crashing.  He commanded No. ! Squadron and saw service in Belize and was the station commander at RAF Bruggen with four Jaguar squadrons.  He retired in 1987 and worked for British Aerospace before organising the Farnborough Air Show during his time with SBAC.

To read full obituary click HERE

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