Bannock-Bruce-RCAF-418-Sqn.-768x549-2 copy 2Russ Bannock was one of Canada’s greatest fighter pilots and leading night-fighter pilot.  He was credited with destroying nine aircraft, a further two on the ground and he shot down 19 V-1 flying bombs.  Flying a Mosquito, first with 418 (RCAF) Squadron and later in command of 406 (RCAF) Squadron, he flew intruder missions deep into Germany and Austria to catch enemy aircraft as they returned to their airfields.  On one occasion the debris from one of his victims hit an engine of his Mosquito and he flew 600 miles back to base on one engine.  He was awarded the DSO and twice received the DFC.  Post-war he was chief test pilot of de Havilland (Canada) and rose to become the CEO.  He was inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame. He died aged 100.

In the photograph he is on the left with his navigator Bob Bruce.

To read full obituary click HERE

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