Fly PastThis article outlines the exploits and bravery of Dutchmen who escaped from their Nazi-occupied country to continue their fight with the RAF.  The activities of the Dutch squadrons, Nos 320 and 322, are outlined with details of the gallantry of its members.  Dutchmen flying with RAF squadrons are also highlighted.  The DFC was awarded to 42 airmen with two receiving a Bar.  Seven DFMs were awarded to Dutchmen.  In addition others were appointed to orders and many received Dutch gallantry awards.

No 320 Squadron initially operated Hudsons in Coastal Command before transferring to 2 TAF with the Mitchell bomber.  No 322 operated the Spitfire.  Accounts include the exploits of Jacob t’Hart, a Lancaster pilot twice awarded the DFC, and of Bob van der Stok, one of only three men to reach freedom after the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III.

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