Former aircraft apprentice John Clements became an expert on airborne radar systems. During the Second World War, he made over 300 flights in 19 different types of aircraft and tested 10 different radars. Initially he worked on air-to-surface radars for Coastal Command, then Airborne Interception Radars for night fighters and then the latest radar bombing aids. Despite his many flying hours, he was not awarded the radio observers brevet. His early post-war career took him to India and to Germany before he began work at the Radar Research Establishment at Malvern. In his more senior posts, he commanded the Radio Engineering Unit and became the Assistant Controller of the Defence Communication Network. He was the Air Officer Signals at HQ Support Command before retiring. He later worked for Marconi Defence Systems and was later closely involved in there acquisition of Hellfire missile. later known as Brimstone.

To read the full obituary click HERE

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