Farfan (third from left) and his 12 Squadron crew

Trinidadian Esmond Farfan joined the RAF in September 1941 and, after training as a pilot in Canada, he joined 12 Squadron to fly the Lancaster. On his 4th operation, he flew on the ill-fated raid to attack Nuremburg when Bomber Command suffered its heaviest losses with 96 bombers failing to return. Farfan was attacked by a night-fighter but managed to escape.

From April 1944, he attacked railways and marshalling yards in the lead up to D-Day. He also attacked the large ammunition dump at Mailly-le Comp when, due to poor radio communications, the orbiting bombers suffered heavy casualties. On the evening of D-Day he bombed the gun battery overlooking Utah beach. He later attacked the V-1 launch and storage sites in the Pas de Calais. After 30 operations, he was awarded the DFC.

He returned to Trinidad and was a senior captain with British West Indian Airlines, retiring after 33 years service. He died aged 99.

To read full obituary click HERE

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