John Brownlow started his flying career as a navigator on Canberras and was the lead navigator of a tour around South America by four Canberras, which included the first crossing of the South Atlantic by jet aircraft. After training as a pilot, he continued to operate on the Canberra in Germany and in England. After completing the course at the Empire Test Pilot’s School, his future flying career was inextricable linked to test flying Over a series of appointments, he flew from Farnborough and from Boscombe Down where he eventually became the Commandant. He was the Commandant of the RAF College at Cranwell and was the Air Officer responsible for training. After retiring, he worked for Marshall of Cambridge and he continued his passion for gliding and testing light aircraft. He was active in both fields until he was 86 years old. He received numerous prestiges awards for his services to gliding and general aviation.

To read the full obituary click HERE

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