Sir Michael Knight, who served throughout the Cold War, was one of the RAF’s most charismatic senior officers. He started his RAF career as a National Service pilot and ended it as the UK Military Representative (UKMILREP) at HQ NATO. His early career was flying transport aircraft , including the Comet, before starting a long career on the Canberra, accumulating over 2,500 flying hours on the aircraft. He was OC Strike Wing at RAF Tengah in the Far East and, after converting to the Buccaneer, he was the Station Commander at RAF Laarbruch in Germany. He was AOC 1 (Bomber) Group at the time of the Falkland’s War and was responsible for preparing his Victor and Vulcan squadron, and training their crews, for operations in the South Atlantic. He was appointed to the Air Force Board as the Air Member for Supply and Organisation, responsible for all the support ands maintenance of the RAF. As the UKMILREP in Brussels, he provided the link between the government and NATO. After retiring he played a key role in the ‘Vulcan to the Sky’ campaign and was a very active president of the Buccaneer Aircrew Association for over 20 years.

To read the full obituary click HERE

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